Thursday, January 20, 2011

Neverland is improbable.

Sometimes my brain travels to Neverland, where the most improbable things happen. Like a few nights ago one of my many adventures in Neverland featured a character from my past. Nowadays, I only get glimpses of him from his girlfriend, who happens to be my friend. There is an extensive history that I don't particularly care to get into pretty much ever again, so we'll just say I used to be close with this character. So anyway, he's had many an appearance in Neverland.

Lately, our storyline out in Neverland has gone something like this: I'm going about my business ignoring him (because of our extensive and complicated past, it's just better for me to pretend like he doesn't exist in my life anymore), and he decides he finally wants to talk to me. Me, being polite, agrees. He wants to know why I've been ignoring him. I explain, and the conversation continues. It ends with me completely calm and him confused and maybe even a bit reminiscent and sad. I say one of those classic, perfect, "we probably will never speak again and that's fine by me" lines you'd hear in a movie and leave.

But in reality, he'll probably never speak to me again.

And that's just fine by me.

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