Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life's crazy when you think.

I have a story, you have a story. I'm not what people might think I am, and you probably aren't either. Everyone has something they're hiding from the world. Everyone likes to think we're individuals. Not very many people remember that everyone has secrets. They think they're the only ones with a story to tell. But everyone does. So if everyone has a secret or two, we're all alike in at least that aspect. Then our individuality starts to crumble and fade. We start realizing how much we are like everyone around us. We aren't really as original as we'd like to think. Pretty much everyone can fit into some sort of group which also takes away our individuality. So now our whole view on ourselves and society has been jumbled and reorganized and we're realizing that life really isn't what we might have thought it was.

Sorry, that was most likely very confusing and hard to follow and such. My mind has been frazzled all day for various reasons and I can't really think straight. That's what comes out when this happens.

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