Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just beneath the surface.

Today, I was reminded of how little I know about a lot of people.

Granted, I've never really talked to this girl before, but she showed me, and a bunch of other people she barely knows, a side of her very few people have seen.

You see, I am part of this thing called TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) which is a weekend (next weekend, to be exact) where we try to show God's love to teenagers. Over the weekend, teens (me being one of them) give "talks" where we talk about what we've been through and our faith. Today, one of the girls gave her practice talk. I was blown away by her courage.

She revealed that she is terrified of commuincating with most people, be it public speaking or simply giving directions. And here she is, standing in front of a room of people, some she doesn't really know, talking about herself. She rarely talks about her feelings with anyone. Her voice trembling, she said quietly that she turns to self harm when she's upset. The few sentences leading up to that confession, I knew it was coming. I felt my heart tug and I wanted to go up there and give her a hug (which I did afterward).

She reminded me that everyone goes through things I have _no idea_ about and sometimes the people who seem happy and carefree, are carrying the heaviest burdens.

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