Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I was poeting earlier.

I love being encouraged for my poetry, especially when the encouragement is from my CIS English teacher. It started with a reaction to a debate we did, and he said I should write more, so I wrote a poem for each book we've read, totaling five. This one is probably my favorite, which is ironic because I was not much a fan of the book. Based on Black Boy by Richard Wright.

Walk Through Life

Walk through life
Always wondering
Why am I different?
Walk through life
Always waiting
For the next attack.
Walk through life
Always careful
Not to say the wrong thing.
Walk through life
Always wanting
To be treated equal.
Why am I different?
Why is it my skin
That makes me a target?
What is it about me
That makes them hate me?
They attack me.
Yell at me.
Throw things at me.
Threaten me.
Beat me.
Simple as one word,
That I forget or add,
Say the wrong thing
And bang you’re dead,
I’ve been lucky.
I want to write,
Let the words flow,
But writing is the white man’s world,
That world that I cannot touch,
That I can only dream of entering.
I may have to walk through life
And wanting,
But one day I’ll prove to them
That I am just as good,
Just as smart,
Just as human,
Even though I am
A black boy.

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