Monday, June 6, 2011


The cards have all been opened.
The relatives have all gone home.
The cap and gown are hung up.
The diploma is in it's folder.
The grad parties have been started.
The hypnotist has entertained.
The comedians have been vulgar.
The food has been late.
The ice cream bar has been scavenged.
The henna has stained.
The boxers and tv have been won.
The students have been sufficiently sleep deprived.
The naps have been taken.
And the class of 2011 has graduated.

I still just don't know if it's hit me yet. Yeah, I've had my grad party, gone through commencement, and attended the all night senior grad party, but I don't know if I've realized that I'm actually done with high school quite yet.

I will never have to take another class in that building again. It's quite likely that I will never see those people I hung out with until five in the morning with again. I am going to college in the fall and starting a new chapter in my life, as corny and cliche as that sounds. But it's true.

Everything is changing and I'm not entirely sure how to deal with it all.

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